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Eternal Sunshine Rose Tribute

Celebrate the beauty of simplicity with our Eternal Love Rose Sheaf. This exquisite arrangement is a graceful tribute to honor your loved ones during difficult times. Featuring stunning large-headed roses in a vibrant yellow hue, elegantly presented with Aralia Leaves and Eucalyptus, this sheaf creates a timeless and classic look.

Measuring approximately 95cm in length and 52cm in width, the Eternal Love Rose Sheaf is a symbol of friendship and joy. The vibrant yellow roses offer a heartfelt expression of love and support, providing solace during this emotional journey.

Please note that the image shown represents the standard variant of this product. Rest assured, our dedicated team is available from 8:00 – 18:00 to assist you with any queries you may have. Whether it's through WhatsApp, a phone call, or email, we're here to provide the utmost care and assistance.

Choose the Eternal Love Rose Sheaf to convey your deepest condolences and pay a heartfelt tribute to those who have passed. Let its beauty and elegance serve as a lasting remembrance of the eternal love shared with your cherished ones.

Arrangement includes:
• Stunning large-headed yellow roses
• Aralia Leaves and Eucalyptus for added elegance

Please note: The Eternal Love Rose Sheaf does not include a coffin or spray. It is a standalone arrangement designed to be displayed with grace and honor.

At Harry’s flowers, we understand the importance of finding the perfect way to express your emotions during this difficult time. Our Classic Yellow Rose Sheaf is a heartfelt choice that speaks volumes without words.