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Pink & Lilac Floral Remembrance Wreath

Introducing our exquisite Rose and Lily Wreath in Pink & Lilac, a stunning arrangement that combines the elegance of lilies and the beauty of large-headed roses. This circular wreath is a perfect tribute for a funeral or memorial service, expressing your heartfelt condolences with grace and sophistication.

Nestled amongst the lilies and roses, you'll find delicate freesias and lisianthus, adding a touch of fragrant sweetness to this floral masterpiece. The wreath is further adorned with eryngium and foliage, providing a natural and serene backdrop that enhances the overall beauty of the arrangement.

Please note that the image shown represents the standard variant of this wreath, ensuring that you receive nothing but the finest quality and attention to detail.

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Honor your loved one's memory with a truly captivating and heartfelt tribute. Order our Rose and Lily Wreath in Pink & Lilac today and let its beauty speak volumes of your love and remembrance.